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Unpacking Chaos to Cozy Calm: Your Guide to Settling into Your New Atlanta Home

You've braved the moving boxes, dodged rogue furniture, and emerged victorious on the other side. But the journey doesn't end there. Unpacking and settling into a new space can feel like an avalanche of decisions and unfolded cardboard. Fear not! Dreamline Movers knows that with a little planning and these helpful tips, you can transform your new digs from packing-peanut purgatory to a haven of home-sweet-home.

First things first:

  • Tame the tape monster: Did you know the average American uses 18 rolls of packing tape per move? That's a lot of sticky satisfaction (or frustration)! Designate a recycling bin specifically for tape and packing materials to avoid an eco-unfriendly mess.

  • Conquer the cardboard kingdom: Statistics say it takes most people about two weeks to fully unpack after a move. Don't be discouraged! Break down boxes as you unpack, and consider recycling or donating them to ease the clutter (and your conscience).

  • Fuel your unpacking frenzy: Atlanta welcomes you with open arms…and some amazing food trucks! Reward your unpacking efforts with delicious local eats to keep your energy levels high (and your taste buds happy).

Now, let's personalize your space:

  • Start with the essentials: Unpack enough kitchenware for basic meals, bedding for a comfortable sleep, and toiletries for daily hygiene. Feeling settled in these key areas will do wonders for your sanity.

  • Embrace the Atlanta light: Let the sunshine in! Unpack curtains or blinds and open windows to brighten your space and embrace the city's warm glow.

  • Unleash your inner decorator: Atlanta is a vibrant city, and your home should reflect that! Hang artwork, display souvenirs, and add pops of color with throw pillows or rugs. Let your personality shine through!


  • Pace yourself: Unpacking takes time and energy. Don't try to do everything at once. Schedule breaks, enjoy the process, and celebrate your progress.

  • Ask for help: Don't be afraid to enlist the help of friends, family, or even professional unpacking services like our own. A helping hand can make a world of difference.

  • Explore your new city: Atlanta has something for everyone, from bustling cultural hubs to peaceful green spaces. Get out there, explore your neighborhood, and discover the hidden gems that make this city unique.

By following these tips and embracing the Atlanta spirit, you'll be sipping sweet tea on your unpacked porch in no time, feeling right at home in your new Southern adventure. Now get unpacking, and welcome to Atlanta!

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